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Decorative Veneers

ESD is a home to exquisite exclusive range of veneers. They are created using finest and rarest logs and are available in varied hue of synergies in plain solid colours, wood grains, metallic, fancy design and marble. Veneers can be used to produce a completely new and fresh look making the Indian thematic decor the contemporary style internationally.

We understand the style and elegance of the natural decorative veneer brands used in the furniture industry that enhances living and work places. Every part of the room deserves a touch of veneer to complete your decor. Use the lush Beehive Olive ash or the Polka dot ash to create a sense of luxury. Turn your room into a special retreat where you can soak in, read and forget about the immense stresses of the day.

Based on the latest international trends and tastes Veneers sourced are obtained from the rarest and the most exquisite woods like Walnut, Rosewood, Mahogany and Ebony to name a few. There is a vivid range to explore to add sophistication and a perfect blend of crisp fashion.

Veneers are available in aesthetic cuts and patterns to add an extra zing of harmony in your home. Veneers add a touch of elegance to your space and bring in the much needed tranquillity after a hard day’s work. It completes your decor.

Sizes: 4'x8', 3'x7', and 4'x10'. Veneers of 0.5 mm + thickness with 100% Gurjan base are available.

Types: Slip matched veneers, Horizontal Veneers and Flexible Veneers.

  • African Mahagony
    African Teak
  • Ebony
    Royale Teak
  • Smoked Knotty Pine
    Smoked Zebrano
  • African Maze FV 1018
    Walnut Madness FV 1007
  • Beehive Olive Ash
    Clipboard American Maple
  • Diamond American Walnut
    Polka White Ash
  • Raw Wood Larch
    White Oak
  • Smoked Chestnut
    Smoked Eucalyptus Pomelle