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ESD, with diligent fervour and practice continues to scale new heights in steel trade. With a focus on value-added products we submit premier quality Steel Bars, (Tor Steel, Fe 415, TMT 500) M.S. Angles, Structures, Binding Wires, M.S. Plates and M.s. Pipes, to meet our customers need in the field of building and construction.

The other striking feature is the detailing, intricate work to support and gel in for varied application. We cater to an array of industry sectors for varied application in engineering & structure, automotive, aircraft & aerospace, oil & gas and ship building industries.

It’s also extensively used in the construction of any kind of horizontal and vertical concrete framework in construction of Buildings, Bridges, Beams, Flyovers, Pillars, and Slabs. All our construction products match international standard quality and have the ISI 1786 Quality Process Stamp of Approval.

Thickness : 8, 10, 12, 16, 20, 25, 32 (mm)
Length : 36',40' & Special Lenghts.
Quality : TMT - 415, TMT - 500 & Tor - 40

From the ancient dynasty the use of azure steel from basic kitchenware has changed to decorating bare walls using steel for an appropriate dining ambience all set for a warm evening!