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Doors & Door Frames

Ready to fit doors in a wide array of door designs have been designed today to meet the diverse demands of the residential and commercial premises today. There is an enormous choice of products in commercial hardwood, veneers made from decorative timbers and laminates of customer’s choice in customized sizes and specifications.

Ready to fit doors are innovative and stylish in looks and are strong and sturdier than the panelled doors. There is an enormous choice to meet the diversified needs of customers belonging to contemporary apartment or traditional country cottage, a city office or village school.

We constantly aspire and understand the basic nature and characteristics and offer a wide variety in decor and design in doors and door frames to blend it in interiors at home or commercial space to give it a complete global feel. We fuse in an element that not only brings changes but also makes the room full of life.

Special phenol formaldehyde synthetic resin is bonded on select hardwood and each door is produced to enhance green environmental initiatives. All doors are chemically treated for termite & borer resistance. ESD delivers quality in cost effective solutions to meet the challenges and competition of competitors in the ever-growing market.

Welcome visitors on door in splendour and style. Remember it is our space and make it your place where you want it to be!

Applications: Doors in buildings, commercial housing and office spaces.
Thickness: 30, 32, 35, 38, 40, & 45 mm