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ESD group has established itself as India’s largest Teak Timber importer. Teakwood, a dense coarse hardwood is the most versatile and durable hardwood. The demand for teakwood has considerably increased in the recent past, with changing demands and increased consumption in household and office interiors.

ESD, having been in the business for almost a century with operations near the port at Mangalore, Kandla and Mumbai is supported by a large number of smaller regional operational flexibility in meeting diverse customer’s needs.

Teak usage is largely considered by ship builders and by manufacturers of outdoor furniture. It is grown extensively by forest departments of varied states to regulate ecological and economical impact.

Quality is the soul of business and the keystone of prosperity

ESD promises success in business by practical training, discipline and hard work. We begin with buying the best logs available. Teak is a precious resource across the globe and is an indispensable part of people’s life all over the world. Articles such as windows, frames and furniture made of teakwood are highly durable as they are resistant to fungal decay and termite attacks.

Our range is thoroughly tested by our quality control inspectors. Mature teak imported by ESD, fetches a very good price as it is naturally resistant to humidity, repulsive to insects, and is not influenced to the drying effects of weather.

We comply with international quality standards as these are easy to work on and deliver fine finish and high resistance to wear & tear. Teak contains silica and the high oil content helps withstand the pitfalls of all seasons with its strong indispensable strength. Moreover, ESD uses advanced production process to turn out high quality lumber to meet increasing demand.

Teak with its continued beauty, elegance and durability is the ultimate material choice for users worldwide.

At ESD, our absolute fundamental aim is to make money out of satisfying customers.

Commitment enables action and responsibility inspires to follow through.

As a company, ESD takes its conservation and environmental responsibilities very seriously and is potentially aware of the strength and beauty of Teak wood. We advocate responsibility and are strongly committed to conservation and support efforts to various organisations. We volunteer reforestation to conserve growth and secure efforts to secure them for the future generations.

We are committed to delivering results and continue to be a main choice and import for furniture manufacturers the "right stuff" they seek.


Teak Timber

Each piece has a clear finish on two edges and two faces. A structurally sound timber that is suitable for use in construction of residential and commercial properties, visually graded for appearance requirements and ideal for all out door framing.

Available in

Width : 50 mm and up
Thickness : 25 mm and up
Length : 2.0 m to 6.0 m
Drying : Kiln dried / Air Dried 13% - 19 % Moisture
Treatment : Chemical - Copper Chrome Boric.